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 Michael Rath OO Series Trombones
00 series comments from Michael Rath:

"For over 34 years I have strived for the highest of standards in brass musical instrument manufacture and have gained an international reputation in doing so. When expert training and quality materials are put together and quality control adhered to, it is irrelevant where the manufacturing premises are.

Over the past four years, I have worked extensively with the skilled craftsmen in the factory in Tianjin, China and have developed the exciting new 00 series of trombones.

Listening to customer feedback there is obviously a definite requirement in the market place for a range of Rath trombones priced at this point, unfortunately this is impossible to achieve here in the UK.

If I were not confident of the quality of this product it would not be going to market, it would not be fully guaranteed and would certainly not bear my name.

The new Rath 00 series represents excellent quality, playability and affordability!"

R100, R400, R900

From Michael Rath:

For a long time we’ve wanted to make a series of Rath trombones that would bridge the gap between student instruments and our custom made, modular, hand crafted instruments. To take everything that Michael Rath knows about designing and producing trombones and impart it into a series of trombones that are elegant in their simplicity.

Many players from all over the world have asked for this over the years and we’re now delighted to be able to introduce the new Rath R00 series trombones.

We’ve taken the most successful modular combinations for the Rath R10, R4F and R9 and created new, non-modular instruments - the R100, R400 and R900.

For students looking to move from a beginners instrument to their first professional level trombone these are excellent instruments to develop their style and technique before progressing to a fully modular trombone.

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R100 - .500
R400 - .547
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