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 Michael Rath Alto Trombones

​      Two bore sizes:

      R11K - .481/.491
      R11Z - .481/.500

      R11V - Bb valve section or trill rotary valve

  • designed to give a player a wide variety of choice in how they set up their instrument
  • ​comfortable 7th position for E and A

 With such a wide potential range of repertoire, every players' ideas about what they want from an alto trombone can vary considerably.  Whether you're looking for a clear, ringing alto sound for concerto performances, or if you prefer a mixture of clarity with warmth to cover the widest spread of alto repertoire or if you're looking for an alto that's more along the lines of a traditional German alto sound, then the R11 can be set up to cover all of these.
What's common for everyone though is an alto that not only sounds like an alto (rather than a tenor trombone) but equally as important is easy to play, is in tune with itself and doesn't require much adjusting when switching from tenor - in short playability.

Like all Rath trombones, the R11's slide action is superb, and the small additional weight of the slide tuning mechanism certainly won't slow you down, even on the most technical of passages.

 Michael Rath Trombones
​Anyone who's had the experience of adjusting the tuning slide on a regular bell tuning alto midway through a performance and suddenly finding that slide positions are suddenly in a different place will appreciate this feature!

 Michael Rath Trombones
 Michael Rath Trombones
 Michael Rath Alto Trombones
We take pride in our wide selection of quality components and personalized customer service. 

Let us help you design a trombone  that is unique and customized to your individual playing requirements.

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